Cookie info

In these Rules, the term "cookies" are used for cookies or other similar technology covered by the EU Directive on privacy and electronic communications.

What is cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are created by visiting the websites containing information. Stored on the user's computer and enable access to various functions. On our site we use both session and persistent cookies. A session cookie while the user browses the site is temporarily stored in the computer memory. This cookie is deleted when the user closes the Web browser or when a certain time has passed (it means that the session has expired). A persistent cookie on a user's computer remains until cleared.

Why we use cookies?

We use cookies to find out more about how our customers use our content, help us to improve your experience when you visit a website.

Analytics of web site trafic

This website uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies. At the stage of collecting cookies to store information about how users use the site, including the number of pages displayed, where the user is coming from and the number of visits, in order to improve the site and provide a good experience for users. If you do not accept cookies, no information is stored.

How can I remove cookies?