About us

Luka Debevec
The Spell of Tradition
We love to think of tradition as something that tirelessly defies time. And never submits to change. My father would probably agree with such a cute naivety. He was known for doing good things cheap.
In my opinion change is the essence of tradition. Its only consistency. With a little bit of stubbornness against my father┬┤s doubts ( & of course his craftsman experience helped ;) I established KAUCH. Finally found a spare soul for all the stacks of skill. Gave it its rightful identity. Its face. My father left me two of his finest workers, a pinch of trust and some space to begin my journey of changing this rigorous tradition of upholstery. Imagination and me. Finally alone. With some heavy responsibility for your comfort.
As far as I can remember I was a visual guy. Spaces were playgrounds of possibilities for me. My mind is always rearranging its fragments. Like in a 3D render program. Gently sliding through oiled oak with the tips of my fingers. Searching for the softest linen. I close my eyes and bind them together. My eyelids tremble before I fall to sleep.
Always searching. With the goal of your comfort. Comfort of esthetics and touch. With a pinch of charming.
Luka Debevec
The Founder of