Collection / Modular

Easily assembled pieces, parts and details that breathe life into your home. Playful and youthful in shape, but still clean and simple. For the young and playful at heart.

Moving Modular

Moving Modular has been designed with the intention to enable you to adapt your Kauch to your current mood. The sides are flexible and can be adjusted along all sides. You can make a bed, a settee, a sofa or a large bed, an oasis of pleasure for two. You can play with these designs over and over again.

Sleeping Modular

Do you have a small guest room in your home or you like to spend your summers and winters in your weekend cottage at the seaside or in the country and there is always a lack of space? Do you have to sleep on the Kauch, because there is not enough space for a bed? We have a solution for you. Sleeping Modular is an elegant Kauch during the day and a comfortable bed at night.

Building Modular

Simple, honest, clean design to the very last detail. And that's why it is so outstanding and versatile. Invisible, yet functional. The contrast of opposites, like black and white. Straight lines with plenty of comfort. Soft touch materials and drops of colour put this KAUCH on a different, sophisticated level.

Playing Modular

Ascetic form, easily softened. For the office or apartment that needs only that elegant finishing touch. Effortless and youthful, fresh and enticing. Easy to assemble, but once in place, it will stay there, impressing you over and over again. It will become your favorite place for socializing, as well as for moments when you need peace and quiet.