Tell me what kind of sofa you like & I tell you who you are.


Tales of the city and the hustle and bustle of street life are all weaved between the threads of this sofa. For all those who live a dynamic life and those who love clean lines and absolute comfort.



Easily assembled pieces, parts and details that breathe life into your home. Playful and youthful in shape, but still clean and simple. For the young and playful at heart.



The delicate, natural, organic shapes and colors that bring fresh inspiration into your space. Special, unrepeatable and unique; just like you.

The KAUCH iCUBE ottoman combines technology with comfort. Designed for all who value simplicity and share our love for music. Features a built-in sound system, bluetooth connection, USB charging port and touch screen control board. Available in several colours to brighten any living area. Great as a cocktail table and convenient for keeping your mobile phone and tablet computer safe.

Story of Kauch

Years ago there was a »Master« and we still call him that today. A story was based on his knowledge in upholstery. Beginigs went from car upholstery to some innocent work for home. After some period the very last became the...




Welcome to our website, where we present comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Three lines, three different stories of upholstered furniture presenting the essence of our thinking. In them we fuse a wide range of demands and desires and thus create a sofa bed which perfectly suits your every need.

Organic line


Nature surrounds us with all its unique shapes and forms, and we have woven them into our sofa beds. The first in its group was Thinking Organic. It mimics a moorland and its vegetation, plays in ravines, seeks inspiration in colour combinations and makes sure it leaves an impression. The backrest can be assembled freely, while a wide range of materials allows you to fully express your